Holiday Gear Haul – 2017

January 1, 2018

I always assumed running was a cheap sport; all you need is the great outdoors (free), some sneaker (already in the closet), and some loose-fitting clothing (stuck in a drawer somewhere).  I figured I’d plunk down a small fee for fitness tracking app, and be good to go.

… I suppose that could have been true… but where’s the fun in that!?  Over the last couple of months, I’ve slowly been collecting some better running gear.  While all of this stuff might not be necessary, it sure makes running more enjoyable/more comfortable!

Here’s the gear I picked up over the holidays:

Christmas Gear Haul

When a couple of family members asked what I wanted for Christmas, I shared my current Amazon running wish list with them.  I was very excited to find a few of my most desired pieces of gear under the tree!

FlipBelt – I was so excited for this!  I’ve been running with an armband, which makes me crazy.  Plus it isn’t well suited for anything but my phone, so it is so great to have a comfortable place not only for that but also my keys and whatever else I may need as the miles increase!

MaxiLeash Running Leash – we’ve got an Australian Shepherd with boundless energy.  I know she’ll love to go on some runs with me, but she pulls way to much for this to go well on her regular leash (believe me, I tried).  Hoping that I can train her on this tether so we can hit the trails together!

Foam Roller – I tell ya, my calves are tight!  This has already helped a lot, and I know I’ll find a ton of uses for it as I go.

And as an added bonus, my dad gifted me with a race registration!  He & I will both be running a half marathon on Labor Day!!

Running Shop Stop

Winter has hit New England.  Not only that, an endless cold front has come through!  For the last week, temperatures have been in the single digits (dipping lower when you account for wind chill), and it looks like that is going to continue the rest of this week as well.  I didn’t have much cold-weather gear, so while visiting family, we took a trip to a running shop.

Kari Traa Nora Wind Breaker – I have a fair amount of layers available for cold weather, but I didn’t have anything to stop the biting wind.  I am super in love with this jacket!!

Balaclava – simple, but effective!

Smartwool Mittens – for some reason, my gloves weren’t very comfortable while running.  I kept pulling my fingers out of their spots and making a loose fist inside the palm section of the glove. So, mittens are the perfect solution!

Note- all of these opinions are my own; I have not/will not be compensated in any way by the brands or products shared. 

Happy New Year!!  I am so excited to dive into this running journey in 2018; just over 100 days until my first half marathon- EEK!!  And I am looking forward to sharing more of this adventure with you!!

Tell me, what’s in your “must-have” winter gear collection?

p.s. I’ve got some pictures coming; thanks for your patience!!

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  1. MARK VARNER on January 11, 2018 at 8:43 pm

    For sure it is the Saucony Siberius tight. I have some other warm tights but these practically make it to the head of the class! Expensive but I got them on clearance at Running this winter. To cover yourself up top it is the Under Armour ColdGear Balaclava Hoodie (covers your neck , nose & mouth)

    • Kate on January 18, 2018 at 6:09 pm

      I really need to get some warmer tights!! The last time I was out in the cold, my normal ones just didn’t cut it.

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